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I’m a Travel Blogger. Here’s How I’m Keeping My Travel Dreams Alive

I’m a Travel Blogger. Here’s How I’m Keeping My Travel Dreams Alive

Kathleen James

The world is a scary and unpredictable place right now, as COVID-19 forces us to adjust to a drastically new way of life. I’m a travel blogger and photographer, which is definitely an interesting profession to be in at the moment.

As we switch to living indoors, I still think it’s important to nurture our wanderlust, even during these strange times. Just because we’re all on quarantine, doesn’t mean we can’t still fulfill our travel dreams! Plus, we all deserve some positive content and a break from the news.


Close that news app.

Put on your coziest outfit.

Here are my five top travel self-care tips and tricks you can try right from the comfort of your home.

Get Crafty:

Create a travel vision board, either virtual or physical, showcasing all your dream destinations. I’ve actually created one of each – a Pinterest board and a physical board. See below for my examples!

Start by making a list of the top five to ten places you want to visit. Then search online or flip through magazines for pictures of these places. Get super specific by researching all the nitty gritty details about these spots, like local cuisine, sightseeing activities exclusive to that destination, you get the picture.

Pro-tip: Once you’ve checked off a destination from your board, remove it and replace it with somewhere new. That way you can keep adding to your travel experiences!

Take a Virtual Tour:

We might not be able to physically travel, but we can still enjoy the wonders of the world from our devices! A bunch of big-name museums and galleries are offering virtual tours, which you can explore right here, courtesy of Travel + Leisure.

You can literally Google-street view “walk” your way through the corridors and rooms of these museums, pausing as long as you want at any painting or exhibit. It is a little eerie seeing the Musée D’orsay in Paris completely deserted during the daytime! But hey, these are unprecedented times.

See Also

Go Down Memory-Lane and Review Past Trips:

We all have file-pillage if you will, of photos and videos, even physical bits and pieces of our past trips. To revisit that time of care-free travel, go through old photo files and videos and refresh those great memories:

  • Organize and sort through old photos from past trips so all your favourites are just a click away.
  • Make a slideshow or video for yourself. You can entertain your family and/or friends AND possibly post this on your favourite social media platform!
  • Don’t know how to make a killer slideshow of video? Now is the time to learn with a multitude of free resources available online. Search through YouTube and Skillshare.

Re-read your travel journal or blog (if you made one) from when you went away and feel those happy travel vibes once again.

Fortune Favours the Prepared:

Begin researching and loosely plan your next trip for when this virus nightmare is over. Obviously, don’t book anything right now, BUT, there is absolutely no harm in putting together a preliminary trip package of where you want to go once travel is allowed.

Afterwards, start researching online like you normally would. Apply the same selection criteria used in the previous vision board step (#1). Write down all these places in a fresh travel journal, and/or bookmark these links in a file on your Internet browser. Keep in mind, prices might change once all this is over, so be conservative with your budgeting.

For Your Binging Pleasure:

Instagram: Sorelle Amore

If you’re exhausted from completing the last four steps, congratulations on doing all this amazing work! You have earned a rest. Here is some awesome binge-worthy travel content for your viewing pleasure.

  • Kalyn Nicholson’s travel vlogs– Canadian YouTuber sharing her love of travel along with spirituality, yoga and her cute dog, Bentley.
  • Departures – Three years of travel documented by two very different Canadian guys with a spare friend that’s killer at videography. The series now lives on Amazon Prime.
  • Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat featuring Chef Samin Nosrat – Netflix Series predominantly on food, but hey, you got to travel to get to this food in its authentic glory!
  • Parts Unknown – The master of all travel, the late Anthony Bourdain. If you haven’t watched his content before, I highly recommend that you do. The series is also about more than travel. And there’s 11 seasons of this show on Netflix to keep you busy!
  • Eat, Pray, Love – Regardless of whether or not you have not watched (or read the book) or even if you hate it, I implore you to try again. I double dare you to not add Italy, India and Bali to your travel list in the previous steps!
  • Niomi Smart’s travel videos – British YouTuber who also specializes in Vegan lifestyle, yoga and fashion. She also recently moved to India, even though she is now back home in the UK due to the virus. Niomi has content on the real deal on moving abroad and some absolutely amazing trips to the Bawah Reserve near Indonesia.
  • Sorelle Amore – Australian YouTuber who shares her love of travel, photography and healthy living. Her travel videos will give you a serious case of wanting to be a digital nomad.
  • Shay Mitchell’s Shaycation – Actress from Pretty Little Liars, You, and a YouTuber sharing her love of travel
  • The Blonde Abroad – YouTuber and travel blogger Kiersten Rich.
  • Aggie Lal (Formerly Travel in Her Shoes) – One of the original Instagram travellers and bloggers. She also has a YouTube channel here.
  • Somebody Feed Phil – On Netflix, a middle age man who enthusiastically shares his love of travel and food all with a quirky smile. I dare you not to laugh!
  • Jessica NabongoInstagram influencer and more importantly, the first documented black woman to visit all 195 countries in the world! She is so inspiring and her blog will have you booking a trip to Namibia and other places as soon as it is safe to do so.

There you have it! My g0-to ways to keep your travel dreams alive. What’s the first place you will visit once this pandemic is over? Share in the comments below!

For now, stay safe and healthy!

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