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5 Tips For Creating Your Email Newsletter

5 Tips For Creating Your Email Newsletter

If there’s one thing we know here at chloédigital, it’s that having an engaged email subscriber list is incredibly important to your business. For one thing, if Instagram or Facebook shuts down tomorrow, your email subscribers remain part of your brand and business platform. They’re also part of your dedicated community, and we all know that building trust with your customers and clients is paramount to growing your business. 

When mapping out your email marketing strategy early on, the key is to think about your audience and how you can offer them truly valuable content. Not everyone likes receiving emails, so if a subscriber gives you their precious email address, you owe it to them to make it worth their while! 

From a business standpoint, if you’re struggling with what your newsletter or email should include, start with coming up with a goal. Here are some tips for you to map out an effective email marketing strategy right from the start.

Content is King

Let’s begin with the most important part! Always create informative and resourceful content aligned with the brand’s vision and mission. You want this to be exclusive to your email list so always ask yourself: What is it that my email subscribers get that my social followers and ardent website users don’t? Incorporate this valuable information into the ongoing essence of your content strategy. 

It’s All About First Impressions

Welcome emails are imperative to establishing trust for a new subscriber. Make sure your welcome email packs a punch! Keep it short, snappy, fun and in tune with your demographic. There should always be a clear CTA (Call to Action) in each of your emails, but definitely in your first one. Think about where you want to send your audience after they’ve read your email, whether it’s to your online shop, course, website, YouTube Channel etc. 


You probably know that you should have a solid idea of who your audience is early on in your business. Once you’ve figured out your target demographic, see if you can split them into even smaller categories and tailor your newsletter content to each!

For example, if your target demographic is women with an interest in wellness, perhaps you could further narrow them down to two smaller categories: vegan living and fitness. Segmentation is a great way to keep your content fresh and show that you truly care about your subscribers and their needs.


Just because you’re sending a direct message to someone, doesn’t mean you can’t use this to build community and awareness! Encourage your subscribers to share your emails, especially since you’ve probably taken the time to create truly valuable content that would be helpful to new subscribers. Give them a reason to subscribe. Don’t forget to track email clicks to see how they perform!

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User Experience (UX)

Last but not least, always consider the user experience. Keep your message simple and CTAs easy to identify, as people tend to skim emails and we want to grab their attention and keep it! From a tech perspective, create an email campaign suitable for the device your subscriber is using. Are they mostly on desktop or mobile? Keep this in mind when creating all your templates so you create the best experience for your subscribers. 

Have any other tips to share? Let us know!

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